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Hilltops Myotherapy

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Hilltops Myotherapy

At Hilltops Myotherapy our aim is to provide and support the Hilltops community with specific health and wellness treatments and packages to ensure we each are able to move pain free and without restriction to achieve the most out of each day.

We understand that Health & Wellness can look and mean different things for everyone.

Not one person’s health and wellness journey should be measured against someone else’s accomplishments or shortfalls. Here are a few self-care steps everyone can take to get the best outcome you deserve. To have an understanding of your own health and wellness is the most important step to take initially. From there once you know where you are mentally, physical, emotionally and spiritually, then you can begin to develop your steps and actions that can help shape and maintain an authentic health and wellbeing status for yourself.

Action steps to take at home that have proven to help one’s health and wellness include:

Gratitude: Finding gratitude within your day; Practise writing down 5 things that you are grateful for in your day, it can be as simple as a nice coffee, a soft breeze, a bird’s song, a smile from a friend, a kind word. See and feel what changes you have made! The evidence has shown those that practise gratitude regularly create new neural pathways and rewiring in the brain to find positives in the world around them. This has then lead to a significant higher level of happiness, energy, optimism, focus and determination (Check out: The Resilience Project)

Pareto’s Principle: 80/20; can be applied to fuelling our body with food that sustains and provides us with energy; what this may look like, so 80% of the year we want to choose healthy eating options with movement/exercise that support and nourish our bodies to perform at their best. With the remainder 20% of the year we can be kind to ourselves and be flexible with celebrations, special occasions, and those moments in life where we perhaps over eat or eat the not so great food.

It is important to remember that life can be challenging, but if we can be kind to ourselves and allow 20% to be not so great and not condemn ourselves for this indulgence, whilst excelling in the 80% category with nourishing food and movement for great health, we can live a fulfilling life.

Water: our bodies are made up of 50-70% water. Water is a requirement and essential for functioning.

If you are feeling that your mental clarity, your energy levels and mood have been low recently, it could be the amount of water you are drinking. Do you find yourself snacking frequently this may also be a sign that you are in need of lifting your hydration levels. Water is involved in a number of our bodily processes (lubricates and cushions our joints, aids with waste removal; sweating, urinating & bowel movements, As a general rule we should each consume 30ml per kg of body weight. E.g. 30ml x 60kg = 1800ml =1.8L

So make water your drink of choice, and you will look and feel even better.

Sunshine/nature: Sunshine has proven to be beneficial to our bodies as it can increase our Vitamin D intake necessary for stronger bones and teeth, along with promoting reduction inflammation in the body. It has been known that sunshine alone has more impact on our mental health and mood than rainfall, temperature and other environmental factors. When exposed to sunshine our bodies soak up serotonin which helps boost our moods and reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), along with other treatment combinations people who experience anxiety and depression can benefit from sunshine. Sleep is a really important factor for our health and wellbeing, serotonin works closely with melatonin which is the chemical known for sleep.

Along with sunshine nature has proven to be a grounding force for people’s health and wellbeing whilst studies are still quite new in the area, everybody can benefit from spending time in nature. Whether you enjoy going for walks, hiking in nationals parks, swimming in the ocean, or just being still in your backyard focusing on your breathing and the sounds of nature, it can be a relaxing and grounding experience, that support your mental health and wellbeing. Ensure when out in nature to be prepared and protect yourself from long sun exposure. Enjoy it though our Hilltops region has many places to chill and tune out whilst promoting our wellbeing.

Kindness: It is through acts of kindness that we can boost our own mood and feel better about ourselves, whilst also helping others. This creates a ‘positive feedback loop’ an act that keeps on giving. Through acts of kindness the hormone oxytocin is realised, this hormone is associated with areas in our brains to do with social connection and trust. Having strong social connections and relationships help us to thrive and feel good about ourselves.

Movement: Our minds and bodies are connected via a two way path. This connection allows signals to travel from our body to our brain and also from our brain to our body. So depending on when and how we move this can impact our thoughts and feelings whilst how we think and feel can also impact our body’s movements and postures. Regular exercise or physical movement has been shown to have a positive impact on our wellbeing and mental health by optimising the performance of various systems in our body, by enhancing our mobility through our joints, improving flexibility, balance and coordination mood boosting, improving sleep, reducing blood pressure, can lower risk of some forms of cancer, helps to maintain healthy weight, and increases bone strength.

If you like the sound of these ideas and would like to speak to Kylie our Myotherapist about how a Myotherapy treatment can be of benefit to your health and wellbeing call 0403 767 723, or visit

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