Hilltops Off The Beaten Track 2025 Calls Harden Murrumburrah’s Creatives To Jump On Board

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Harden-Murrumburrah local and member of the Hilltops Off The Beaten Track (HOB) 2025 organisation committee, Jane Martin has strongly urged her fellow residents to get involved in the increasingly popular annual event.

“Every form of the arts and cultural pursuits are going to be celebrated during HOB Track 2025,” Ms Martin said.

“The areas we’re looking for include visual arts, sculpture, music, dance, drama, media, photography, writing, poetry, etc,”There is no limit to creativity, green thumbs may like to open their gardens for visitors.

You might want to run a workshop showcasing your skill.

Anyone interested can organise to utilise the Harden-Murrumburrah Arts Council venue in the Court House to present or organise to have their studio included as part of the art and culture trail.

All that is required is that each participating group or individual organises an event or activity at some point during the trail.

If you already have an event scheduled outside the dates, organisers may promote your event as a fringe activity if you let them know about it.

The HOBT is an opportunity for Harden and the wider Hilltops region to showcase the vibrant art and culture to tourists and visitors; a time to shine.

It runs over a two week period in March, with particular focus on weekends.

Visit https://www.southerntablelandsarts.com.au/hilltops-off-the-beatentrack-rego/ to register your event.


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