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How to Have a Winning Christmas Lights Display

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: There are lots of places to find inspiration for your Christmas lights display.
IMAGE: There are lots of places to find inspiration for your Christmas lights display.

Our friends at CWP Renewables (Bango Wind Farm) have advised that entries into the 2021 Bango Wind Farm/GE Christmas Light-Up Competition are starting to come in. 

They have very kindly sent in the following tips to ensure that your home and property lightens and brightens your town at Christmas time. 

1. Search for ideas in magazines: Some of the best ideas are highlighted in magazines. It’s a great idea to look at some pictures of what other people have done and build on your own light display from there. More recently, the internet has become the go-to spot for creative Christmas light inspiration: there’s definitely no shortage of people who feel the need to post pictures of their own home on their blogs and websites.

2. Check out Youtube: If you need some entertainment during your search, look on Youtube for some crazy light displays that have been put up on homes. There’s a whole series of videos of lights synchronised to flash in rhythm with music, specifically songs from a band called the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You can try to do the same thing in your own home if you’re feeling adventurous. Either way they’re fun to watch!

3. Mix up white and coloured lights: Different coloured lights can make a huge difference. If you’ve primarily used white lights in the past, mix it up a little with some red, blue, or green lights for a completely different effect. Alternatively, try icicle style lights for an interesting look. These are strings of lights that have shorter light strings hanging down off of them, making them look like bright luminescent icicles running along the eaves of your roof.

4. Add a scenic display: Scenic displays are fun if you have the funds for them.  There are dozens of variations of nativity scenes, Santa Claus, prancing reindeer, smiling elves, and more decorating people’s lawns and roofs. A lot of these have separate parts that flash at intervals, giving the appearance of movement.

5. Be safe: When you’re hanging Christmas lights, be mindful of safety, especially if you have children helping you. For instance, instead of letting them climb the roof, task them with helping out around the bushes and trees.

6. Keep it fun: While it would be fantastic to win the Bango Wind Farm/GE Christmas Light-Up Competition, it would even be better to win it while keeping your cool and having fun with your display. Don’t overstretch the budget, and pace yourself when erecting your display, especially as the weather warms up. Have drinks on hand, wear a hat, and have frequent breaks.

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