Improved Lymphoedema services in Young

Lymphoedema treatment cheque: Mercy Care Senior OT Jess Jamieson, PT Stuart McKenzie, Hospital Auxiliary Treasurer Dorothy Shepherd holding the cheque, President Janice Ward and Secretary Lyn Freudenstein.
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Some years ago, the community raised funds for the care and welfare of Oncology patients in the Young area and the Young Hospital Auxiliary holds these funds in trust.

In 2018, the Auxiliary decided to use the Oncology Fund to support Mercy Care staff-member Stuart McKenzie to do online lymphoedema training and attend a training course. He has now begun treating patients, supporting senior OT Jess Jamieson.

The Hospital Auxiliary has also purchased a new treatment bed using the Oncology Fund, which will enable more comfortable treatment.

The Auxiliary hopes that this will save a lot of travelling and stress for those additional patients whose needs can now be provided in Young, as the nearest lymphoedema clinics are otherwise available at Wagga and Canberra.

Young Hospital Auxiliary president Janice Ward encourages those who think this service may suit their needs to please contact Mercy Care.

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