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In4mative Tech Solutions

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In4mative Tech Solutions
In4mative Tech Solutions

In4mative Tech Solutions is an innovative IT company based in Young but servicing the entire Hilltops region and beyond. The owner of in4mative Tech Solutions, Robbie McCleery, has over six years of professional IT experience and more than ten years with electronics. Having always had an interest in electronics he commenced his career working for a video gaming company which led him into the world of computers. When he moved to Young, Robbie started working for a local IT business.

On setting up his own business, he has aimed to cover all areas of the IT world for his clients. He can service your home and your office. Primarily, In4mative Tech Solutions is a computer support business that will work with the home owner or business owner on gaining the best technology solutions for them. They cover the A to Z of all things technology. From purchasing the equipment you need, installing the technology, to providing ongoing support as required. They can build and host a website for you or help improve your existing website.

Wi-Fi Connection ImprovementsIMAGE: Wi Fi Connection Improvemnts

In4mative Tech Solutions can organise any purchases of computers, cables, IT equipment and all the gadgets you need to run an efficient IT system at your home or at the office. They are a mobile business and will come to your home or office when needed.

According to Robbie, one of the most useful services he provides is an onsite consultation where he can consult with you about what you will need for your office or home. In the IT consult, he will discuss with you what your IT needs are. He will then provide you with his recommendations in what technology to use. Robbie says, “One of the highest in demand services we provide is providing ways clients can improve or expand their connections. For example, do you want your Wi– Fi to reach further in your property or further out into the paddock. We can provide suggestions and ways of doing this”.

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