Inspired By Bees

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Young Jack gets busy painting a pot in honour of World Bee Day.

Googling how to adopt a bee led happenstance Hardenite Jodi Rawlinson to discover World Bee Day.

“My daughter wanted to learn about adopting a bee,” Ms Rawlinson said. “With all our googling we found World Bee Day. We didn’t know anything about it.”

World Bee Day was Friday, May 20, but celebrations at the Rawlinson house took place on the Sunday and allowed them to invite other children along.

Half a dozen children painted pots and created posters in honour of the special occasion.

“My daughter and her friend ran the activities and are still running the raffle,” Ms Rawlinson said.

“I also had a gentleman come in over the weekend who has a bee farm and told us all about the different types of honey and how you tell what’s good.”

“The kids have all been doing things that make a difference to bees.” “I’m very proud of them all.”

One hundred crops provide 90 per cent of the world’s food. Of those 100 crops, bees polinate 71.

That makes them quite important to our existence.

Consider planting pollinator friendly gardens and keeping messy spaces for bees to inhabit and buy local honey.

Ms Rawlinson is a huge advocate for her new home.

“Harden is a great little town and is starting to come alive bit by bit,” she said.

“We only moved here a year ago from Queensland, but love it and want the town to reach its potential.”

“In Queensland, little places like this are tourist hot spots so I know we can get it there.

“We are just doing it one cause at a time.”

The Rawlinsons found themselves caught here when the border between New South Wales and Queensland was closed due to COVID, but they soon decided they enjoyed the lifestyle here better.

KP Carmody

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