International Women’s Day – Boorowa Celebrating Thirteen Years!

Shanna Whan

The women of the district will come together once again to celebrate the 13th International Women’s Day in Boorowa.

The event will be celebrated on Sunday 10th March 2019, 9.00am-4.00pm (Registration from 9am-9.45am) at the Boorowa Ex-Services Club. There is a full day’s program not to be missed, the theme being “Old Habits Die Hard”.

Keynote speakers include:

Robyn Lewis “#The Smart Warrior”

Self Management and Recovery Trainer (SMART)

Robyn Lewis now a motivational speaker, will share her moving story detailing her personal journey through the six concurrent addictions that controlled her life for 37 years.

A violent childhood led Robyn into drug and alcohol abuse from a very young age, but her 15-year battle with the drug “ICE” turned out to be Robyn’s biggest challenge. Low self-esteem and depression brought on by her “ICE” addiction, led to suicidal tendencies and the devastation of losing her only daughter, kept her in addiction. Fortunately, in 2016, Robyn found the “SMART” recovery programme in Newcastle, which provided the support she needed to finally turn her life around. She now uses her experiences and learning to provide encouragement and support to those currently in addiction, as well as their families and friends, who are frequently left to suffer the devastating consequences of their loved one’s substance abuse.

With an honest and raw approach, Robyn will discuss many aspects of drug use, focusing particularly on “ICE” and its sources, affect and warning signs. She will also explain the “SMART” recovery program that saved her life. Robyn will not only be educational but inspirational showing that with the right support and determination life-long change is possible.

Eileen Reckord “Go Getter Goal Setter”

Positive Teacher of the Year 2017; Masters in Applied Positive Psychology

Eileen Reckord is a secondary school teacher of over 30 years experience. Working closely with adolescents and seeing the steady decline in resilience, wellbeing and overall mental health, as well as suffering the loss of her own brother, has led Eileen to do numerous courses, culminating in completing a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology through Melbourne University.

Eileen is now a complete Pos Psych convert and, as well as incorporating the principles into all facets of her work with school students, runs workshops for adults exploring a range of difference Positive Psychology topics. One of her favourite school projects has been establishing a male choir – now in its tenth year. Eileen will provide tips on you how to set goals for your new habits to maximise success and wellbeing.

Cyndi O’Meara “Bad Food Habits – Retrain Your Body”

Nutritionist & Founder of Changing Habits

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits, a wholefood company that seeks to uncover the truth about what really goes into the food we eat. Cyndi graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Deakin University where her special interest was ancestral foods. Cyndi was disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines and she paved her own path, steering clear of the low-fat diets of the day. Her groundbreaking book “Changing Habits, Changing Lives” became an instant bestseller and from there she has grown a successful organic food company, developed a range of healthy eating protocols and a certified online course. She has also released an acclaimed documentary “What’s With Wheat?”.

By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets do not work, and how drugs can affect their total wellbeing and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long-lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits.

Shanna Whan

“The Oldest Habit of all in Rural Australia: Our Love of Alcohol” – Sober in the Country

Shanna Whan is a remarkable woman determined to support rural and regional Australia in raising awareness about high risk drinking. She is a proud rural woman, representing a significant portion of isolated Australians who struggle to access adequate services, support and conversations in the space of discussions around healthier relationships with alcohol.

Having come through her own personal battles with trauma, PTSD, infertility, and a subsequent slide into depression and severe alcohol abuse – Shanna has taken the “worst” time of her life and is now using it to campaign and help others who think they are alone.

Shanna being a finalist in the 2018 Agi-Futures Rural Woman of the Year awards which recognized her work in regional Australia, has launched an online initiative Sober in the Country (SITC) which promotes an open discussion in rural Australia about high risk drinking, ways to address, speak about and treat addiction. Shanna has been working full time in a purely volunteer capacity for almost four years because she has seen firsthand how these conversations amongst peers are saving lives. Shanna will share her journey.

It would not be possible to put on an event such as this without the ongoing support of the sponsors being: Hilltops Council, Boorowa Community Bank, Local Land Services, Boorowa Art & Craft Co-op, Boorowa Lions Club, Country Women’s Association, Boorowa Community Landcare, the Rotary Club of Boorowa and the Rural Women’s Network.

Business houses supporting the event include: Boorowa Pharmacy, Boorowa Classic Cuts, Vanity Hairport, Bliss Hair & Beauty, Dwyers Cottage, Superb Country Bunches, Walsh’s Country Kitchen and Home Finch.

Bookings essential by Wednesday 6 March 2019. Charge: $30 per head, pay at the door (includes morning, afternoon tea and light lunch.) Bookings: Janene Hurley 1800 628 233 Email:

Please note: If you have made a booking and for various reasons are unable to attend on the day we would appreciate if you could advise the office.

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