It’s Almost Bulb Planting Time

Planting Spring Bulbs
Planting Spring Bulbs
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It’s time to start thinking about what types of bulbs you would like to plant in your garden for their colourful spring display.

Purchasing the bulbs
Make sure that the bulbs you buy are firm with no signs of soft rot or disease on them. When you are choosing your bulbs, select bulb species that are suited to your climatic zone. Some easy to grow bulbs for the Hilltops region are Daffodils, Jonquils, Freesias, Tulips, Bluebells and Hyacinths.

Soil Temperature
The soil temperature will need to be between 13 – 23 degrees when you plant out your bulbs. I would normally first store your bulbs in the crisper of your fridge for up to 6 weeks to give them the false winter coolness and then plant them out. Store them in a paper bag so that they won’t sweat.

Planting Location
Ensure where you are planting out your bulbs is a well-drained location as boggy soils will cause many bulbs to rot and they will then never flower. Turn the soil over a few times to ensure the soil is friable so they can easily set down roots.

Planting Bulbs
Every bulb is slightly different however a rough guideline is that you plant them twice as deep as the bulb’s width. Fertilise with slow release fertiliser, water well and spread a fine layer of mulch.

On Going Care
Water your bulbs regularly to ensure the soil is moist but not wet, continue this right through to the end of flowering. They may need additional water once shoots and flowers form. Once the foliage appears above ground you can apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks.

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