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Jane Costello - The Rustic Maze & Garden

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

The Rustic Maze

The Rustic Maze & Country Garden is the brainchild of Jane Costello, whose passion for gardening, history, and mazes led her to pursue her dream and make it happen. Jane’s quirky ideas in regards to design and her venture in Monteagle gave her the opportunity to continue to develop these ideas the gardens and maze.

Jane explains that “It has been hard with many trials and tribulations to get it off the ground and up and running.” Jane has sometimes found that self-doubt set in. She also says that she’s made her fair share of mistakes along the way, and it has been a huge learning curve. However, “I have had the continual support and encouragement from family and friends, which is so important!”

Jane believes that if you are a woman trying to start up a new business, you need to surround yourself with positive people who build you up, not ones who try to pull you down. She urges business women to support each other. Her philosophy is ‘You’ll never know unless you have a go!’

Jane’s next chapter is the turning the old, circa 1890 shearing shed on the property into a wedding and function centre, which will be rustic and beautiful.

The Rustic Maze Garden

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