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Karen Ryder - Horse Ryder and RPM Jewellery

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Karen Ryder - Horse Ryder and RPM Jewellery

Horse Ryder and RPM Jewellery are custom jewellery design businesses started by Karen Ryder over 15 years ago. Horse Ryder was Karen’s first business, which involves designing and creating customised equestrian focused jewellery. RPM Jewellery came along as a natural progression to include both of her ‘horse power’ passions... horses and cars.

The first piece Karen made was for herself. It was modelled on her Arabian gelding, and people complemented her on it, which led her to think more broadly. Karen hand makes designs either from jeweller’s modelling wax or sterling silver plate. One-off designs go to the client on completion, or if multiples in different metals such as gold or silver are required, then a mould is made in Sydney and cast for her to file, polish and finish.

As an artistic person Karen has other creative outlets such as professional face painting, watercolour painting and children’s book illustration. Karen also works as a disability support person at Lambing Flat Enterprises (LFE) and is studying a Masters in Art Therapy.

Karen loves to make new designs for individuals or clubs. She just recently finished a VL Commodore front end ring in solid silver. You can check out Karen’s creations at

RPM Jewellery

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