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Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: A free workshop designed to learn to manage your medicines will take place in Harden on Thursday, June 2.

Forget Dr Google, a free face-to-face medicines education workshop will be held in Harden on Thursday, June 2 at the Fire Control Centre.

The workshop is designed to help people find out more about the medications they are taking or have been prescribed and know where to find good reliable information.

One of the three independent pharmacists presenting the workshop, Sue Brown said that the workshop was aimed at people (and their carers) who take multiple medicines and the aim is to help them get the most benefit from those medicines.

“We are not associated with any pharmaceutical company, any community pharmacy and we don’t promote commercial products,” Ms Brown said. “We are keen to get people who would like to come to register as soon as possible as numbers will be limited.”

“We really want to provide the opportunity for people to come together to discuss their medications, particularly people on multiple medications or who are carers,” Ms Brown said.

“We want to help people understand and manage their own health with better communication with their health professionals. It’s a very interactive workshop with plenty of time to ask questions.”

In the past, everyone went to their family doctor - the doctor that their family, or even community, had frequented for every ailment; every appointment.

That isn’t always the case today, so it is increasingly common for people to see more than one doctor which, while allowing them to see a doctor when they need to, can prove problematic when a person needs to take multiple medications.

“When people visit the doctor, they often come out with one prescription, but that doctor may not know what other medications they may be taking,” Ms Brown said. “It’s about understanding the importance of asking questions about medications.”

Ms Brown also said it was important to keep a list of the medications that you are taking because some medications can alter the effectiveness of others, and discuss this list with the doctor when you visit.

The workshop will provide advice and guidance on:

  • Asking questions about treatments, tests and procedures;
  • Understanding what they you need to know about your medicines;
  • Knowing when and how to take medications;
  • Preventing medication mistakes;
  • Knowing where to access good medicines information;
  • Understanding side-effects and drug interactions and how to manage them;
  • Improved health and digital literacy;
  • Minimising the risk of adverse events and side-effects that can result in unplanned hospitalisations or harm.

By the end of the workshop, you will know what questions to ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse and have tips and tools to help remember your medicines. It will also empower you to make better decisions about your health.

Numbers are limited to 30 people plus carers to allow for maximum interaction, so book your place by phoning 0409 328 421 or sending an email to

The workshop will take place between 10 am to 1 pm, with participants asked to arrive at 9:30 am.

A second workshop will be held in the evening at the Harden Rotary Club members meeting.

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