Kerrie Dansey- Garden Nikity Naks

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Diverse range of garden pleasures with a Boorowa spirit

Kerrie Dansey started her business Kerrie's Garden Nikity Naks in October 2019, selling indoor plants and seasonable veggie seedlings and potted colour. She also sells garden furniture and art-to-wall to coffee cups. Wall art is made by her husband.

Eclectic is the word she describes what she sells!

Kerry worked for a big company for 11 years, once she moved to NSW and decided to open a pop-up-shop and she now has clients from Orange, Sydney and Canberra coming to her shop primarily for the metal garden art that her husband creates.

Kerry said it’s about “doing something new, being creative and supportive of the local community.”

She’s been in Boorowa for six years and loves our people.

All her products she buys from locals, to support the community. She opened in the middle of the drought so she keeps prices down so people can afford to buy things for their gardens.

It’s a family-centred business, not only selling her husband’s art, but with her daughter doing a lot of the buying and her grandkids coming to help in nanna’s shop.

Kerrie’s Garden Nikity Naks

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