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Greg Armstrong
Greg Armstrong

Current Hilltops Councillor Greg Armstrong has nominated in the upcoming election.

He’s now retired and is married to wife Diann, his family has been present in the Young area since 1844.

Greg has over 44 years experience in local government. “I have extensive experience in local government as a Councillor and Local Government Officer. I understand the business, culture and challenges of working with and in local government and have been actively working to improve the way that Council interacts with its community,” said Greg.

“I’m not a faceless Councillor who only turns up once a month if they feel like it, my record of meeting participation and effective workshop engagement highlights my commitment to the role of Councillor. I have a record of tackling the issues head-on and working with stakeholders to produce the optimum outcomes. I’m committed to working within the limits of Council resources and will fight to establish service levels that are consistent with the financial appetite of the broader community.”

He believes Council must make Hilltops a preferred location for investment, promote our region to visitors and protect the wellbeing of our communities.

“With your support, I’ll continue to be an unfailing advocate for the region and its communities.”

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