Local Footy Star Tom Jenkins

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


IMAGE: Young rugby starter Tom Jenkins scores. Image from Panthers media.

The Panthers and Dolphins Rugby League Clubs went head to head in a suspenseful game ending in the hard earned score of Panthers 24 vs Dolphins 14 on Saturday, July 15.

Former Boorowa NRL star, Tom Jenkins received praise from his coach, Ivan Cleary who affectionately called him ‘Milky’.

Cleary described how Jenkins had been an incredible asset to the Panthers.

“In the past three years he has never played a game as skillfully as he did on Saturday,” Cleary said.

The rookie winger’s two phenomenal tries scored in the crucial final 11 minutes of the game helped cement the Panthers’ win, celebrating the first with an iconic air guitar performance.

The impressive tries contributed to the 22-year-old rookie’s best game performance thus far.

With his game play execution, the Panthers were able to finish up the nail-biter on top, leaving the Dolphins at 13th place on the ladder and securing the Panthers’ 8th win from 9 games.

Considering his humble beginnings in the Young Cherry Pickers Rugby Club, Jenkins has grown as a player, achieving some incredible feats.

He is slowly becoming a local hero for every youngster playing footy in small country towns across Australia, especially the Hilltops region.

Jenkins is living proof of what you can achieve with hard work and dedication.

He continues to make his hometown proud and the community enthusiastically waits to see more game time from the superstar.

KP Carmody

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