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“Luckie Ultrasound” for Young Hospital

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Leanne Robinson, Chief Radiographer, Young District Hospital with the new “Luckie” ultrasound.

Young Hospital Auxiliary President Janice Ward is pleased to let Young and district residents know that there is a new ultrasound machine at Young Hospital.

Mrs Ward said that the purchase of the new machine would not have been possible without the generous bequest of the late Mrs Betty Luckie to the Hospital Auxiliary to purchase equipment for the Young Hospital.

Mrs Luckie’s much appreciated bequest has enabled the purchase of this very valuable and essential piece of equipment.

For almost ten years Young has had 2 ultrasounds working, but one of them was due for replacement. It would not have been replaced because it was not on the normal replacement schedule, having been originally provided through a training program.

Mrs Luckie’s bequest (which has been topped-up by funds from MLHD) was thus a very lucky coincidence as it enabled the purchase of a replacement machine.

The second machine ensures that people do not have to travel or endure a long waiting-list and can continue to have timely bulk-billed examinations when needed.

The new ultrasound is a Philips Equip Elite. It has seven probes and can be used for a variety of examinations including abdominal, specialised liver, kidneys, appendix, pelvis (for uterus, ovaries or prostate), leg arteries and veins, arm arteries and veins, carotid (neck) arteries, thyroid, breast, all joints plus nerves, tendons and ligaments and other small parts.

It can also perform all pregnancy scans.

In the past twelve months the Young Health Service has performed 456 pregnancy related ultrasounds.

Up-to-date technology not only provides the best service for people who need it, but without it, it is difficult to attract and retain valuable staff as there is a nation-wide shortage of sonographers.

Sonographers are highly specialised and training includes undergoing six years of university study.

Young Hospital Auxiliary members are humbled by Mrs Luckie’s bequest, and have gratefully asked that the machine be referred to as the Luckie ultrasound.

They are looking forward to inspecting the machine as they have not been able to see it yet, due to COVID restrictions.

A plaque has been affixed which reads “Luckie Ultrasound” The generous bequest of Mrs Betty Luckie to Young Hospital 2021.

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