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Home Pet Minder

Pets have a home too
As a pet owner, when you’re planning a trip away, the thought of how your beloved pet will fare always comes to mind.

Meg Davies from Home Pet Minder can relieve any concern about leaving your pet. Together with her husband, Meg started pet sitting while travelling in Australia. “Our first engagement was in WA, around 2014,” Mrs Davies explained.

“We home/pet sat in a few places around Australia including Darwin, Yeppoon, Coolum Beach, in Victoria and NSW.”

Two years ago, Meg’s husband passed away from cancer.

Since then, it has been a passion and a mission to continue offering the service. “This service allows pets to stay home in their own environment and not fret while their owners are away.”

While pet sitting, Meg also takes care of gardens, watering plants and keeping them looking their best.

“I stay in the home of the pet owner while they are away, using their facilities in exchange for the pet and home sitting,” Mrs Davies said.

“My family are so happy for me to keep doing what I love: travelling, animals and gardens.”

Get in touch with Meg on Facebook, by searching Home Pet Minder. You can call 0419 164 016.

She asks for plenty of notice when booking, and doesn’t mind travelling to work.

Home Pet Minder

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