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Remedial massage therapist Mel Webb started At Eeze Massage and Equine eight years ago, initially looking for an occupation that could be flexible around the family.

She soon realised that beyond just a job, she became incredibly passionate about helping people and our equine friends, aiding in muscle recovery and relaxation. “I also love to know that I have helped someone, and I have made lifelong friends over the years with people I have helped,” Ms Webb said.

Mel said adding equine body therapy to her practice came from her passion for horses.

“My job doesn’t feel like work any day of the week, as I enjoy both sides - human and equine,” she said.

Mel offers massages at a chiropractic centre on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; leaving the rest of the week and weekend with horses.

“The best part of working with a horse is watching them go from fight and flight response to repair and recover,” she said.

“They tell you so much with their body language, I find it very rewarding to watch how a horse responds to a treatment with different reactions within the body.”

Mel’s training with both human and equine clients is ongoing and for the equines, the next step is studying equine acupuncture.

To contact At Eeze Massage, call Mel Webb on 0423 157 931.

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