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Monday Voting Deadline

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

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Residents have until 6pm on Monday to enrol to vote in the upcoming Hilltops Council local government elections.

Ensure you are enrolled to vote and your details are correct with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

It’s compulsory for all residents on the residential roll to vote.

Those who are paying rates on leased property are also eligible to vote.

Registration forms and more information is available on the council website,

Hilltops Mayor, Brian Ingram said voting helps to assist in shaping future government decision-making.

“Voting in the upcoming local government election is important, as it allows residents to have their say in choosing the elected officials that will shape the future of their community. Councillors are democratically elected by the residents and ratepayers of the Local Government Area,” said Cllr Ingram.

“Once elected, it is the Councillors who are responsible for reviewing matters and debating issues before their Council. An elected council sets the overall direction for the Local Government Area through long-term planning and decision making. It adopts a strategic view of the future it wishes to achieve for its community and makes plans and policies to achieve this.”

Those wishing to run for Council, along with groups, need to apply to the AEC by 12pm on Wednesday, August 4.

The council caretaker period commences on Friday, August 6. Local government elections are usually held every four years.

However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW Government postponed the 2020 election for 12 months.

Councillors elected in September 2021 will therefore serve for a term of three years, until 2024.

Those who need to update their details can visit the AEC website, or call them on 13 23 26.

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