Moses and Son Offer WoolClip rebate

AWEX WoolClip
AWEX WoolClip
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Moses & Son are offering a $1/bale rebate to encourage wool producers and wool classers to use the AWEX WoolClip application for their future shearings.

The recently released technology is revolutionising the data collection and management of wool harvesting, transport and logistics.

The offer is aimed at highlighting the indirect cost to wool producers in collecting and processing data several times in the preparation and sale process.

Using WoolClip benefits the wool grower, wool classer, wool broker and warehouse by:

  • Allowing data capture on farm either online or offline
  • Reducing the error rate (e.g. no duplicate bale numbers or erroneous descriptions)
  • Easy to build specifications (no manual cross checking)
  • Ability to set up multiple users working as a team
  • Ability to complete the NWD electronically
  • Immediate transfer of Classer Specification information/data to the broker/warehouse
  • eBale ready (RFID)
  • Data security

Marty Moses, Managing Director of Moses & Son said “I have been involved with the development and trialled the early version of WoolClip. Since its inception half a decade ago, we immediately recognized the power and the value of this tool in the wool classing, logistics and transport pipeline. In fact, the RFID tag concept started two decades ago, so it’s great to finally visualise the WoolClip program with the ability to capture the Electronic bale ID within the smart phone App.”

“Moses & Son staff are being trained in WoolClip support and will be working with producers to set up an account and encouraging more classers to come on board. We are even working with contractors to ensure they are aware of the implications of this technical revolution in the industry. Our initiative will run for 12 months and then we will assess the uptake and effectiveness of the incentive.”

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