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Nearly $70,000 of support from Auxiliary

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Nancy, Libby, Janice, Lyn, Debbie and Dorothy of the Young Hospital Auxiliary (absent: Gail Smith).
IMAGE: Nancy, Libby, Janice, Lyn, Debbie and Dorothy of the Young Hospital Auxiliary (absent: Gail Smith).

The Annual Meeting of Young Hospital Auxiliary was held recently, before the current COVID-19 lockdown.

All executive members were returned to their positions: President Janice Ward, Secretary Lyn Freudenstein, Treasurer Dorothy Shepherd, vice-president Libby Plumley, assistant-secretary Debbie Smith, assistant-treasurer Gail Smith and Patron Nancy McGregor.

Despite COVID-19 preventing their normal fundraising activities, the Auxiliary once again has supported the hospital by buying much-needed equipment for the benefit of all patients.

During the last financial year over $66,000 worth of equipment has been purchased.

President Janice Ward said she is so glad that her hard-working group still had money to purchase items, but they are really looking forward to getting back to work again to ensure that they can continue to do this.

Items purchased include a patient lifter (Sarah Stedy), a pivot sling, a colonoscope, a c-mac laryngoscope, 2 more fall-mats, a syringe pump, an electronic scale with side-rails for the day surgery, a ring-cutting instrument, a bariatric chair for the waiting room, an emergency cart for paediatric procedures and a trauma bed.

Items do not come cheaply, with the colonoscope costing almost $38,000 and the laryngoscope almost $9,000, but we need to keep providing these services at Young and it’s wonderful that we can help to obtain the best equipment available to do this, Janice said.

Income from people returning bottles etc to Return & Earn has continued, so it’s great that people are able to support us through this.

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