New Displays at the Boorowa Museum

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Sharon Meere and Robyn Shean by the cruet and other new display items.

The Boorowa Museum is housed in the old George Patterson Store, a pise building constructed in 1882 and located on Marsden Street.

Since its construction, the building has been used for several enterprises, however, since 1974 it has been used by the Boorowa and District Historical Society as a museum.

In recent years a print studio, storage room, and a much-needed accessible toilet have been added.

Members of the Museum are always busy sourcing new finds and refreshing the displays. One of the latest items on display is an ornate cut glass and cruet set which is engraved with “Burrowa AP & H Association Annual Show 1888. Won by…”.

It was found in Cambridge, New Zealand by Carmel Sheridan in her brother’s antique shop. Carmel realised that it must have significance for Boorowa, and very kindly sent it homeward to the Boorowa Show Society.

While the winner’s name was not engraved on the cruet set, the sleuths at the Museum have discovered that the Burrowa Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Association was formed in 1885 by Mssrs Morgan, Jermyn, Campbell, Hurley, and Fred and Rawdon Hume.

The 1888 Burrowa Show was the third held in Boorowa. A booklet produced by the Boorowa Show Society in 1988 provided the following clue about the potential winner of the cruet “The spring show of 1888 was held in fine weather, and saw some 2,000 people out to enjoy the occasion. The Yass Brass Band provided most enjoyable entertainment once again, and some of the prize winners that year included Mr H.R.F Hume, Mr D. Flannery, Mr W. Hurley and the Kelly families.”

Oh, to nail down who the winner was! The lesson here is to always have your name engraved on prizes.

The print studio is a unique offering in terms of country museums.

In addition to the original Burrowa News hand-cranked printing press, type cases and type, along with advertising blocks are a delight to behold, and there are plans to produce greetings cards using the press.

Museum Secretary Sharon Meere, researcher Helen McGrath, and Museum volunteers including Australia Day Award winners Maureen Beere, Robyn Shean, and President Stephen Meere are to be congratulated for their commitment to providing the public with a glimpse of Boorowa’s past, engaging us with mystery, and helping people connect with their forebears.

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