New mental health website for rural men launches

New mental health website for rural men launches

‘You Got This Mate’ is a new website focused on the mental health of rural men, providing useful information on how and why to take action as well as connecting them to the best care in their local area.

The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) consulted with rural men to develop the website, which is visual, easy to use and has lots of suggestions and resources relevant to rural people.

One of the stories featured on the website is Warren Davies, previously a dairy farmer and now a facilitator of ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’. Warren faced many challenges including floods, family disputes, and the ongoing drought, all of which significantly impacted on his mental health.

“For me, finding the right type of support for my mental health took time and a lot of energy. If I had had access to a website such as ‘You Got This Mate’, it would have made my journey a lot easier,” Warren said.

“This is partly because it allows you to investigate your own journey in your own time and is less intimidating than calling someone that might not understand. It is also user-friendly. People living in rural and regional towns also don’t have the same access to services that city people have, which is why this website is so important.”

“By sharing my story, I hope that I encourage others to get help when they need to and if they jump on this website, it can help them with some strategies on what they can do now to keep themselves strong,” Warren said.

RAMHP Coordinator Steve Carrigg said, “The website also includes a self-help quiz which helps people track how they’re feeling and provides simple steps to take if someone needs additional advice or support. We know that seeking help early gives you a better chance of a quick recovery and reduces your risk of mental health problems in the future.”

“For carers, parents, colleagues and partners, it was also important to have a resource which provides guidance on how to have a conversation if someone is showing signs of a mental health problem, what the key signs to identify and where to go for help.”

Visit the website at for more details.

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