No More Title Deeds

If you have a mortgage, chances are there is no longer a paper Certificate of Title (‘title deed’) for your property. 

During the month of September all paper Certificates of Title were destroyed and converted to an eCT (electronic certificate of title) by the NSW Land Registry Service. 

The conversion to eCT’s is part of the move to electronic conveyancing mandated by the State Government. On the cancellation of a paper Certificate of Title, a recording on the relevant title will be made to show that an eCT is issued.

A future sale will likely have to be effected electronically, currently via the PEXA system, with all mainstream property transactions to be lodged electronically by 1 July 2019. All paper Certificates of Title will be cancelled by this date even if you hold it in your safe at home. 

Electronic conveyancing is our preferred way of settlement. The new platform is secure, efficient, allows for a quick settlement and has a better cost saving to our clients.

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