Phillip Says Farewell To Harden

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Phillip Whelan has enjoyed the last five years with Harden Pharmacy, but looks forward to his future in Canberra.

He’s given five years of his life to the community, but pharmacist Philip Whelan will depart Harden around Easter this year.

“I moved here from Bathurst in 2016,” Mr Whelan said.

“I’m engaged now and moving to Canberra.”

Mr Whelan’s fiance lives and works in Canberra, hence the decision to move from the area. He has enjoyed his time working at the Harden Pharmacy.

“It’s a great community; a great workplace,” Mr Whelan said.

“It has been great to work here, but unfortunately, my life’s moving in a new direction.”

Mr Whelan admits to some awkward conversations with customers encouraging him to commute between Canberra and Harden, claiming the distance isn’t that great.

“It’s a new chapter in my life that is exciting for me,” he said.

Mr Whelan’s wedding is set for October, so he has a busy year ahead of him.

He will be working at Harden Pharmacy until Easter or thereabouts, so if you have the time to drop in and say farewell and wish him well, do so. Mr Whelan also wanted to remind people that flu season was coming up and they should organise their flu vaccinations.

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