Planting Bulbs For Spring

Planting Spring Bulbs
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Bulbs need to be planted now so that their beautiful blooms will give your garden beds a spectacular display in spring. Some of the bulbs that will grow well here in the Hilltops region are Spider Lilies, Cyclamens, Snow Drops, Snowflakes, Bluebells, Hyacinth, Tulips, Alliums and of course the gorgeous Daffodils.

Most bulbs will require an open sunny site with well drained soils. It is important to have the soil well prepared before planting as it will be difficult to improve the soil once the bulbs are planted without disturbing them. Turn the soil over a few times – remove any weeds and rocks so that the bulbs are going into a friable mix where they can easily set down roots. If you are planting out the bulbs in pots, buy a premium garden soil mix.

Every bulb is slightly different, however a rough guideline is that you plant them twice as deep as the bulbs width. Back fill the planting area with the soil or garden mix. Scatter some slow release fertiliser over the top of soil then water well. You can then place a fine layer of sugar cane mulch over the top. Water your bulbs regularly to ensure the soil is moist but not wet. They may need additional water once shoots and flowers form. Once the foliage appears above ground you can apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks. For more info on bulbs please subscribe to my newsletter

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