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The Pennant competition resumed on Sunday after the break for Easter. The results were disappointing for both the Grade 3 and Grade 4 sides.

Grade 3 travelled to Harden and lost overall by 72 shots to 52 shots.

The individual scores were Peter Watts defeated Matt Peisley 21–20, David Quigley lost to Brian Madden 23–29 and Damien Miller lost to John Harriott 8–23. There was a similar story at Cootamundra where the Country Club side defeated Young 85–54.

George Somerville lost to Kevin Breasley 20–32, Geoff DeBritt lost to Graham Davidson 22–24 and Colin Powell lost to Graeme Worboys 12–29.

At Young the Grade 5 side played against Cootamundra Ex–Services – the top side from that club.

Cootamundra won overall by 66 to 56 with Mark Brownlie losing to Peter Hoang 17–24, Les Fanning losing to Jim White 18–25 and Vic Brown defeating Mike Barber 21–17.

That is the final game for the Grade 5 side that has performed creditably throughout the season with an overall losing margin of 9 shots from their four completed games.

Two games of Club Singles were completed on Saturday afternoon. Damien Miller completely dominated his game against Peter Watts to win 31–7. Harold Anderson led Vic Brown 16–3 in their game and from that point the scoring was fairly even with Harold winning 31–15.

There were just 10 players for Jackpot play on Saturday.

Brian Christie and Darryle Miller won their game by 5 shots and the other winning team was Max Penfold, Jeff Jacquier and Albert Carter with a margin of 9 shots. There were 16 players involved on Thursday afternoon and there was just one big margin.

Brian March and Joe Bargwanna won their game by 22 shots, Aldo Malvicino and Ian Schofield won by 7 shots, Andrew Hutchison and Albert Carter won by 2 shots and Michel Alavoine and Harold Anderson won by 2 shots.

This weekend will see the first games in the District Singles.

There will be five games of the Open division and one game of the President’s Reserve division played at Young on Saturday morning and four games in each division played on Saturday afternoon.

The Seniors division will be played at Cootamundra Country Club with four games on Saturday afternoon.

The final matches in the 2021 Pennant competition will be played on Sunday. Young’s Grade 3 side will be at home to Cootamundra Country Club and the Grade 4 side will play at Harden.

Young will host the District finals in Grade 5 and Grade 7 on Sunday. It is unusual for finals to be played in this district but that is the case this year. Young will be a neutral venue with Cootamundra Ex–Services and Harden being involved in both finals.

Players are reminded that entries for the Club Pairs close on Saturday 24th April.

There will be a 3 Bowl Pairs event played at the club on ANZAC Day. The event is being sponsored by ARMA Fabrication with play to start at 1.00 pm.

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