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Written by: Young Bowling Club

Lawn Bowls
Lawn Bowls

The final of the South Western District Senior Fours was played at Cootamundra on Saturday afternoon with Peter Watts’s team opposed to Jim White’s team from Cootamundra Ex–Services.

Peter’s team led 8–2 after 8 ends and 10–5 after 12 ends. Jim’s team then won 7 consecutive ends to lead 18–10 and the final score was 20–12 in their favour. Play during the week saw 24 players involved on Thursday afternoon.

The winners of the vouchers for the afternoon were Harold Anderson and Colin Powell who won their game by 19 shots.

Over the weekend, the Club was host to 14 touring bowlers from Lithgow. The visitors played on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning.

There were 30 players from Young involved on Saturday afternoon. A total of 11 games of pairs were played – seven with Young teams playing Lithgow and four games involving players from Young.

In the games involving Lithgow, the winning teams were: Peter Slater and Les Fanning (27), Ian Schofield and Ged Hardman (12), Brian Healey and Iggy (15), John Cooper and Damien Miller (23), Joe Bargwanna and Tom Preston (2), Harold Anderson and David Ward (22) and Michael Webb and Dave Quigley (8).

For the games involving Young players, the winners were: Terry Holmes and Colin Stokell (6), Tony Ruhl and Vic Brown (3), Steve Walsh and Bob Ruhl (2) and Ian Gailey and James Freudenstein (22).

The eight players involved in the games that had a 2 shot margin shared the $200 jackpot.

There were 26 players involved in Sunday morning bowls – 13 from Lithgow and 13 from Young. The best score for the morning was 16 points for Brian Healey and Kate Cooper.

Thanks to all the players from Young who took part in the games on Saturday and Sunday for your assistance in making this visit a success.

Play continued for the Guy Pickering Charity Challenge with fourteen teams involved on both Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Tuesday night, the How Is That team scored 15 points and won the vouchers on a countback. On Thursday night, the Kingsvale team scored a total of 16 points and this gave them the vouchers for the night.

Players are reminded that the annual 1–2–3 Day involving teams of triples is scheduled for Sunday 23rd February.

All the entry details are on the noticeboard with entries closing at 5.00 pm on Saturday 22nd. Entries for the Club Singles also close on Saturday 22nd February.

The draws for the South Western District Triples Championships are on the noticeboard with the first games to be played on Saturday 22nd either at Young or Cootamundra. Entry details for the South Western District Pairs Championships are on display at the Club. Entries close on Thursday 12th March.

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