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Written by: Young Bowling Club

Lawn Bowls
Lawn Bowls

The weather conditions for bowls during the past week have been on the improve – not too cold and occasionally quite pleasant.

On Thursday there were 14 players on the green and the conditions were exactly as described above. With some dryer weather and frosts the greens were running well. The vouchers for the afternoon were won by Tony Ruhl and Tom Preston with a winning score of 30–20. Phil Taylor and Cliff Traynor won their game 23–15 and in the game of triples George O’Neil, Albert Carter and Colin Powell were the winners 26–19.

Saturday afternoon saw 16 players involved in four games of pairs. There were three closely contested games and one with a big margin. Milan Brankovic and Harold Anderson won their game 17–14, Colin Stokell and Terry Mulligan were 23–18 winners and Chris Wright and Geoff Holt won 22–18. The vouchers for the afternoon were won by Albert Carter and Darryle Miller who had a very convincing win 28–9 in their game.

On Sunday afternoon Young played Harden in the first round of Zone 8 Men’s Single Gender Pennants for Division 3. This is a new competition introduced by Bowls NSW. Harden were the overall winners 59 shots to 57 with wins in two of the three games.

Individual game results (skips names only) were Peter Watts lost to Brian Madden 13–18, Damien Miller defeated Terry Ricketts 25–16 and Cliff Traynor lost to Matt Peisley 19–25. The closeness of the overall result was also shown in the number of ends won by each side with Harden winning 32 ends and Young winning 31 ends. Young has a bye in this competition on Sunday and plays Wagga Rules Club at Wagga in the third round.

The club will host a qualifying round of the BPL Cup on Saturday with first games to be played on Saturday morning. This is an Australia wide competition using a quite different format for teams of triples. The club has hosted rounds of this competition during the past few years.

The first games in the Club Singles are scheduled to be played on or before Sunday afternoon. At the time of writing there is one game being played on Saturday afternoon and a further seven games to be played on Sunday afternoon.

The Annual General Meeting for Zone 8 was held at Wagga on Saturday.

As most bowlers will be aware Bowls NSW will stop recognising the district organisations within the zone this week so that all Pennants and Zone Championship events will now be organised by the Zone 8 Match Committee.

With neither the Zone 8 Match Committee or the Zone 8 Selection Committee receiving the required number of nominations prior to the AGM it is anticipated that there will be a another opportunity for interested bowlers to nominate for the vacant positions.

There will also be another opportunity for bowlers to nominate for positions on the Umpiring and Coaching committees.

KP Carmody

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