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Winner of the Club Singles Damien Miller.
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Drawing The Shot
There were quite a lot of games played at the Club during the past week. The most important of these was the final of the Club Singles played on Wednesday afternoon.

This was a high quality game with both John Cooper and Damien Miller playing some great bowls. The scores were level at 8–all, 11–all and 13–all. The turning point in the game was on the 24th end, when Damien played 4 excellent bowls to score a 4 and take his lead to 21–15. From there, he extended his lead and went on to win 31–19.

Congratulations to Damien on winning the event and to John for his very strong performances.

The semi–finals of the Club Pairs were played on Thursday afternoon. The game between Damien Miller and David Quigley and Geoff Holt and Graeme Edgerton was very close throughout, with the score being 7–all after 9 ends and 13–all after 17 ends. Damien and David led 16–13 after 19 ends and despite losing the final two ends, they held on to win 16–15.

In the other semi–final, Colin Parker and Cliff Traynor played Steve Walsh and Colin Stokell. This was another close contest with the biggest margin over the first 20 ends being 3 shots. The scores were level at 6–all, 8–all and 11–all, before Steve and Colin gained a small advantage to lead 17–14 after 19 ends. They maintained this edge to win the game 19–15.

Eighteen players were on the green on Thursday afternoon and Aldo Malvicino, Brian Gibson and John Cooper took out the vouchers with a 22 shot margin. Other winners were Ian Apps and Col Chapman by 4 shots, Brian March and Alan Gall by 7 shots and Ian Gailey and Ian Schofield by 3 shots.

There was no play during the weekend due to the consistent rain. The District Pairs will be played this weekend with the first games on Saturday morning.

The Open division will be played at Young, Seniors at Harden and President’s Reserve at Cootamundra Ex–Services. The draws are on the noticeboard.

The draws for the District Singles events are also on the noticeboard and the first games in those events are scheduled for Saturday 15th August.

Another great effort by the Club volunteers, who finished the erection of the shades for Green 1 on Friday.

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