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Lawn Bowls
Lawn Bowls

Thursday afternoon saw a good roll-up with 26 players taking part in very nice conditions.

Alan Gall and Geoff Holt had a very successful afternoon with a win by 25 shots.

Other winning teams were Max Penfold, Phil Taylor and Tom Preston – 13 shots, Milan Brankovic and John Cooper – 11 shots, Ian Gailey and Tony Ruhl – 8 shots, Terry Holmes and Les Fanning – 2 shots.

There was a smaller than usual number for Saturday afternoon with just 14 players on the green.

Albert Carter and Col Chapman won their game by 16 shots to claim the vouchers.

Both the other games had margins of 7 shots with the winners being Darryle Miller and Glen Benson in one game and Milan Brankovic, Max Penfold and Colin Powell in the other.

The winning team on Wednesday night in the Guy Pickering Charity Challenge was T’s Rule.

The overall winners for that division were Howzat.

Thursday night’s games saw 5 of the 6 winning teams all with a score of 13 points.

The overall winners for this division were the FATBBOTS team – who have a record of playing very consistently week in and week out.

In the Inter–Club bowls played on Sunday a side from Young travelled to Cootamundra Country Club. The Young side won two of the three games but the overall score was 60–43 in Cootamundra’s favour.

At Cootamundra Ex–Services Club the Harden 2 side won two of the three games to have an overall score of 77–55.

Two games were played at the Boorowa Ex–Services Club.

In the Group 1 match two of the three games were drawn and Harden won the third game by 1 shot for an overall 55–54 win.

In the other match the home side won all three games against Boorowa Recreation with the overall score being 74–53.

The State Finals of Bowls NSW Pennants for 2021 were played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a number of venues around the state.

Zone 8 were represented in Grades 3, 4 and 5. In Grade 3 the Narrandera side won all three games in their section and then won their quarter-final and semi-final. In the final they lost to Sawtell.

Temora B&R won their section in Grade 4 and won their quarter-final.

They lost their semi-final to Sawtell who went on to win the final.

The Grade 5 side from Cootamundra Ex-Services won their three sectional games but lost their quarter-final despite winning one of the three rinks and having a draw on another.

As previously advised the renovations being carried out at the club will involve the club being closed for a period of two or three weeks.

The greens will still be open and both men and women players have been made aware of the situation regarding organised games during this period.

The club will continue to field sides in the Inter–Club games and for this Sunday the Group 1 side will play at Harden and the Group 2/3 side will play at Cootamundra Ex–Services. Players involved will be notified individually.

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