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SWDBA Open Triples Winners
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The weather during the past week has been good for bowls and there have been numerous competition games as well as social groups trying their hand at a different sport.

Saturday afternoon saw the final of the District Open Triples Championship with Tom Glover, Terry Ricketts and Brian Madden (Harden) opposed to Paul Cockram, Graeme Dennis and Craig Jordan (Cootamundra Ex–Services). The game was a very close contest with the scores level four times in the first 14 ends.

After 14 ends the score was 11–all. Brian’s team dominated the scoring over the next 6 ends to lead 21–12 and this looked to be a winning break. Craig’s team responded scoring 6 shots over the next 4 ends to trail by 3 going into the final end. Congratulations to Brian’s team who scored 1 shot on the final end to win 22–18.

Other games on Saturday saw Geoff Holt defeat Steve Walsh 31–16 in the Club Singles.

With just 10 players nominating for Jackpot Bowls, the vouchers went to David Donges, Albert Carter and John Cooper with a 6–shot margin. The other winning team consisted of Len Porrett and Peter Watts who won by 2 shots.

Sunday saw the first round of the District Pennants. Young’s Grade 3 and Grade 4 teams played against each other with the Grade 3 side scoring a convincing 10–0 win.

The individual game results (skips names only) were Peter Watts defeated Denis Rosen 32–11, Dave Quigley defeated Mark Anderson 20–15 and Damien Miller defeated Geoff DeBritt 35–9.

Young’s Grade 5 side were up against the very strong side from Cootamundra Ex–Services and lost 10–0. Kevin Bryant lost to Peter Houng 15–21, Terry Mulligan lost to Jim White 7–30 and Peter Slater lost to Jim Deacon 15–30.

The Grade 7 side travelled to Boorowa Ex–Services and came away with a 10–0 win. Bob Ruhl defeated Paul Walsh 25–18, Joe Hennock defeated Ray Poplin 30–9 and Albert Carter defeated Alf George 17–15.

Play during the week saw 22 players involved on Thursday afternoon.

The winners of the vouchers for the afternoon were Albert Carter and Colin Powell who won their game by the huge margin of 29 shots.

Tuesday night’s play in the Guy Pickering Charity Challenge saw the T’s Rule team claim the vouchers with a score of 17 points. After four rounds the YTB team are top of the points table for Tuesday night with 58 points.

For the Thursday division, FATBBOTS score of 15 points was the best for the night and they lead the division on 58 points with Bowl Terras on 52 points.

There are six games in the Club Singles set down to be played on Saturday afternoon. All players who entered this event should check the board to see whether they are scheduled to play or to mark a game.

Sunday will see the second round of Pennants and again all players are asked to check the teams lists because some changes have been made from Round 1.

Entry details for the South Western District Pairs Championships are on display at the Club and entries close on Thursday 12th March.

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