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Lawn Bowls
Lawn Bowls
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Charity bowls continued during last week with Tuesday Guy Pickering Charity Challenge winners 3 Amigos winning 14 shots to 7.

Thursday night’s Charity Bowls Rovers had a good win by 16 shots. Three other teams had a 14 shot winning margin.

Thursday afternoon’s Jackpot Bowls, 18 players competed. The winning team was Dennis Rosen and Brian Christie with a winning margin of 10 shots.

The final of the District Triples was played on Saturday afternoon. The team of Damien Miller, Kade McKenzie and Dave Quigley defeated Bill and James Maloney and Ted Loader.

Championship Singles matches continued on Saturday. The results:

Peter Watts def. Tom Preston 31 to 14 shots
John Cooper def. Cliff Traynor 31 to 29 shots
George Sommerville def. Dennis Rosen 31 to 19 shots
Russell Boyd def. Peter Slater 31 to 12 shots
Jackpot Bowls played on Saturday afternoon. The winning team of the Patterson Bros sponsored vouchers Greg Woods and Harold Anderson with a 10 shot margin.

Last Sunday’s Pennant results for the Young Club.

Grade 3 played Harden Club at Harden.
Young B. Madden def. T. Ricketts Harden 18 shots to 15
Young G. Edgerton def. S. McKellar Harden 16 shots to 15
Young D. Quigley def. M. Peisley Harden 27 shots to 12
Young 10 points, Harden 0.

Grade 4 played Cootamundra RSL at Young.
Young C. Traynor def. J. White 23 shots to 18
Young V. Brown drew with Coota 18 all
Young G. Hardman def. Coota 18 shots to 17
Young 9 ½ points, Cootamundra ½ point.

Grade 5 played Cootamundra RSL.
Young T. Preston lost to M. Willis 14 shots to 21
Young D. Rosen def. D. O’Neill 20 shots to 17.
Young M. Anderson lost to P. O’Brien 8 shots to 24
Cootamundra RSL 9 points, Young 1 point.

Pennants matches will be played again next Sunday, all competing bowlers check the board for venues.

Tuesday and Thursday night Charity Bowls continue, Jackpot Bowls at 1pm on Thursday afternoon.

Next Saturday March 9th more Championship Singles games and Jackpot Bowls sponsored by Patterson Bros commencing 1pm, names in by 12.30pm.

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