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Written by: Young Bowling Club

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls

The first round games in the Club Fours Championship were played on Saturday in very warm conditions.

Two of the four games saw the scores tied going into the final end and another game required an extra end after the scores were level after the regulation 21 ends.

In the only game with a clear-cut margin Steve Walsh, Michael Webb, Glen Benson and Denis Rosen played Scott Douglas, Ted Loader, Tony Ruhl and Greg Woods. Denis’ team led 12–6 after 10 ends and they gradually built on that lead to win the game 23–14.

In the only morning game Bill Maloney, Joe Bargwanna, Graeme Edgerton and Cliff Traynor were opposed to Harold Anderson, Allan Langford, Chris Wright and Les Fanning. In this game the lead changed several times and the scores were level on 5 occasions including 20–all at the start of the last end. Cliff’s team scored 1 shot on this end to win 21–20.

Ian Schofield, George Somerville (substitute), Tom Glover and Brian Madden played Jono Watson, Darryle Miller, Damien Miller and David Quigley in another close game.

Both teams held small leads during the game and the scores were level 6 times including 15–all, 16–all, 18–all and 19–all after 21 ends had been completed. The extra end saw David’s team score 1 shot for them to win 20–19.

In the final game Glen Seward, John Cooper, Geoff Holt and Peter Watts were playing Joe Read, Albert Carter, Tom Preston (substitute) and Colin Stokell.

The scores were level at 9-all after 8 ends and after the 13th end Colin’s team was in front 16–10. Three scores of 2 for Peter’s team made it 16–all and with both teams scoring 4 shots over the next 4 ends they were locked at 20–all going into the final end.

The end was killed with the final bowl and had to be replayed with Peter’s team scoring 2 shots to win 22–20.

The semi–finals of this event will be played on Saturday followed by the final on Sunday.

There were just four other bowlers on the green on Saturday and Austin Crampton and Michael Adams won the game of pairs 30–14.

During the week there were 16 players on Thursday afternoon in very warm conditions.

Harold Anderson and Denis Rosen won their game 16–13, Austin Crampton and George Somerville won their game 21–14, Nev Cawling and Ian Schofield were winners 20–12 and in a game with a very big margin Tom Preston and Cliff Traynor were winners 31–5.

For those players who are looking to take part in the next session of the Guy Pickering Charity Challenge the first games for the Tuesday night division will be played on 13th February and the Thursday night division will commence on 15th February.

Teams are able to enter by contacting the Bowling Club or the Young Services Club or Ian Schofield for Tuesday nights and Cliff Traynor for Thursday nights.

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