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Written by: Young Bowling Club


On Monday play commenced in the NSW Greenkeepers Championships that are being held at our club this year.

A total of 36 players will be involved in their Singles and Pairs Championships.

Monday’s games were played in very windy and quite cool conditions.

The visiting players were also involved in games against club members on Wednesday afternoon in a Pennant style format.

There has been limited play at the club during the past week as players took timeout after the Pennant finals and the cooler and wet conditions deterred a number of players.

There were only 10 players on Thursday in quite cool conditions.

Albert Carter and Les Fanning won the vouchers with a margin of 14 shots and Tony Oyston, Chris Wright and Ian Schofield won their game by 4 shots.

Playing conditions on Saturday were quite trying with light rain right from the first end.

Play was abandoned after 13 ends and not long after that the rain was heavier.

The three games saw very small margins. The best winning score was recorded by Tom Preston and Darryle Miller who defeated Albert Carter and Allan Langford by 3 shots.

Tony Oyston and Geoff Holt won their game against Glen Seward and Les Fanning by 2 shots and Michael Adams and Jono Watson finished in front of Steve Walsh and Cliff Traynor by 1 shot.

There is information on the notice board concerning the following Club Championship events to be held during the next few weeks: Men’s Minor Singles, Men’s Minor Pairs and Club Mixed Pairs.

Players who are interested in playing in these events should read the information sheets before making their entries.

Other matters listed on the notice board include the Men’s Pairs Tournament to be played at the club on 25th and 26th May and the call for Expressions of Interest for sub–committees of the new Riverina–Murray Region.

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