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With the Autumn lambing period upon us we should have a look at what is required to make this time as stress free and productive as possible for animal and owner alike.

Pre lambing Checklist

Pre lambing vaccinations are very important. The booster dose stimulates antibody response in the ewe, in turn transferring more antibodies to the lamb via improved colostrum. This provides a better start for the lamb, leading to increased live weight and improved survival to weaning. The use of Glanvac 6 B12 will help stimulate the ewes appetite and improve feed intake and energy metabolism. If arthritis has been an issue in lambs the use of eryvac is recommended.

Ewes lose their acquired resistance to worms just pre and post lambing and pasture contamination can be high at this time. Worms can reduce protein availability and protein is required for colostrum and milk production. Worms test kits are a good way to check what species and what drench is most suited.

Four Seasons Pre Lamb Block
A Protein / Nutrition Supplement for Ewes and Lambs PRE LAMB’s new technology depends on feeding high quality bypass protein meal and macro minerals to ewes prior to lambing. By feeding ewes 6-8 weeks prior to lambing, colostrum levels are improved in lambing ewes, which in turn, leads to improved lambing weights and results in higher survival rates. By supplementing pasture with high quality nutrients in PRE LAMB, ewes have a convenient and quality nutrition source available 24 hours a day when they need it, which improves digestion of forage as well as helping to supply valuable minerals and protein. Considering that many ewes are able to produce twin lambs, extra supplementation using PRE LAMB is a wise economic choice in ensuring that ewes can express their full genetic potential in successfully mothering twins to weaning.

PROTEIN 50 – Production Block
With the current dry feed this block provides an option for pregnant and lambing use to best utilise the available feed.

PROTEIN 50 is the ultimate in feed block supplementation for sheep and cattle.

When extreme dry conditions occur, cattle and sheep need a high quality protein/nutrition source to keep them in full production. PROTEIN 50 contains high levels of bypass protein, crushed grains and urea to make the most of standing dry feed, or to compliment grain feeding programs. The balanced protein blend in this block, combined with the high mineral, trace element and vitamin levels, helps ensure that stock will perform to their highest genetic potential on dry feed conditions, in a safe, efficient and effective way.

Average Consumption rates
Grown Sheep: 50-100g per day
Note: Average block consumption can double in poor conditions.

Grain/pellets may be required to meet energy demands, especially those ewes bearing twins. REMEMBER ALWAYS START GRAIN FEEDING AT LOW RATES AND BUILD UP SLOWLY.

Maintain regular contact with your landmark advisor to optimize your livestock production with the correct nutritional supplements applicable for the situation.

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