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Preparing For The Planting Season

Written by: Glenice Buck

Planting Spring Bulbs
Planting Spring Bulbs

As a gardener, I am always thinking or preparing about the upcoming garden planting season. Now is the time to really focus on what you want to achieve this year in the garden. The weather is too hot and dry to do a lot of large-scale planting out, but this does not mean you can’t assess your garden. Look at what parts of your garden need changing, where do you need to fill in any gaps in the planting, which plants have done well and which ones haven’t done well through Summer.

You must be critical about the plants and their health. Make a note about those that have done well in the summer months, these are the species you should use again throughout the garden. Those plants that are not looking well, think about how much water you have used on them, do they need to be relocated to more protected, shadier locations. If you are aware of which plants suit your garden best, you can make educated decisions in the nursery when you are buying your next batch of plants.

There is always something in the garden to do and the more time you spend preparing the soil now the less work there will be to do in the spring when the warmer temperatures arrive.

Spring Flowering Bulb Workshop

WHEN: Saturday 21st March 2020 from 1pm - 4pm
WHERE: Address to be given out at time of booking.
COST: Tickets are $65 per person (Tickets include light refreshments).
There will also be lucky door prizes. For further information and to buy tickets, please contact Glenice on 0417 077 386 or email:
Hold date for the next workshop, which will be held on May 2nd 2020 from 1pm – 4pm. Topic will be garden preparations for summer.

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