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Damian Giuliano is a local from Young who has partnered with an Australian owned Lime company, PrimeLime, to provide high quality Fine Lime and Sugar Lime for farmers.

PrimeLime Mines started in 2015, and Damien, who holds a Bachelor of Mining with over 40 years of experience, was asked to consult and assist in the development of the business.

Damian’s family owned and ran Causmag from 1947-1973 and Damian became the General Manager for the business from 2000-2004. Previously, he has also worked with Ambos, and as a contractor for Omya Calcium Mine. During that time he started his own company using by-products and selling to farmers in regional Australia as an affordable way to add Lime into their soil which brought fantastic results.

“Industrial minerals (calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) have been a large part of my working life” says Damien.

“My passion has always been to provide products favourable to farmers, to help lower farm input costs and assist users to think of alternative ways of looking at improvements.”

PrimeLime is one of many Lime companies in Australia, but what makes them stand out is the fact they are one of the few Australian owned and local companies that produce Fine Lime as well as Sugar Lime.

Sugar Lime is a great option for farmers if their soil is close to their desired pH as it is a much more affordable option.

Sugar Lime is slower in breaking down so therefore it is in the soil for much longer and also spreads further than fine lime. The company provides both budget maintenance lime and superfine lime to farmers to provide more choices.

PrimeLime delivers Lime straight to your door within days and provides freight for large or small volumes. PrimeLime also provides a product analysis of their Lime to farmers to make sure of the quality.

If you are interested in trying the Sugar Lime, Damien recommends farmers can do a trial section with it to see the results. If you are in Young you can source either Fine Lime or Sugar Lime from Damien at PrimeLime through Nutri Ag, or if you are in Boorowa, Tom Corkhill sources it for farmers in the area. Contact Damien Giuliano for further information: ‪0408 028 667‬.


“Recommend him 100%, I buy sugar lime from Damien at PrimeLime, as sugar lime is slower breaking down it is there for a little bit longer. We have had excellent results with it! The agronomists recommend fine lime which gives you results in the first year, but than the results get less and less. With sugar lime because it is heavier particles it takes 12-18 months to break down so you have the product for years. It spreads farther as well! I have been buying lime from Damien for 8 years” – Nigel Dawe local farmer from Murringo

“I have been buying lime from Damien for 8 years, and now buy the fine lime and would highly recommend Damien from PrimeLime!” – Jeremy Weber, local farmer

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