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Protecting your plants from Cabbage Moth

Written by: Glenice Buck

cabbage moth
cabbage moth

Are there any natural ways of protecting members of the Brassicas Family (cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower) from cabbage moth?

Yes, the cabbage moth can be very hard to control and quite detrimental to your vegetables. There are a few possible ways of trying to control or prevent the attack from the cabbage moth. If you have the space and resources, you can try to grow them in an enclosed polytunnel. This enclosed environment will just stop the cabbage moths from accessing the plants however for many gardeners this may be too hard to construct and/or you don’t have space. A simpler way is to place one of the battery-operated or solar powered butterflies close to the vegetables. These can be bought from hardware stores or garden centres, they are usually on a small stake that can be pushed into the ground. The moths are territorial so if they see another insect like looking object close by that is moving then the moths will be deterred. Another way you can deter the moths is by planting a few plants of Artemisia (commonly called Wormwood) close to the Brassicas…the oils in the leaves of this plant are a natural deterrent.

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