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Quick Tips To Help Your Garden Survive The heat

Written by: Glenice Buck

Summer Days
Summer Days

When you know there is an upcoming hot day, plan your week so you have the time to do additional hand watering the evening or early morning before the high temperature days. The plants will also need to be watered in the late evening of the hot day.

Some plants such as new vegetable seedlings or flowering Hydrangea may benefit from having temporary shade structures installed around them. This shade structure may be as simple as an umbrella with a sheet hanging over the top of it. Ensure that whatever is used still allows some air movement around the foliage, don’t just drape the sheet over the drop of the plant.

Using regular applications of seaweed emulsion like Eco Seaweed from Organic Crop Protectants will help reduce the plants stress in hot weather. If you haven’t started doing this, now is the time to start, we have a long hot Summer ahead. It’s also not too late to mulch the garden. A thick layer of mulch will help the soil retain moisture. Always make sure you water the plants and surrounding soil well before mulching and again after mulching.

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