Ramona Munns - Home Finch

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Find the Beautiful and Ecclectic at Home Finch

Home Finch is a unique retail home and lifestyle store. Starting the business back in 2010, Ramona put her passion for colours and design into practice, and opened the business in Boorowa.

“I was ready for a challenge after being at home full time with my young children, and to have a creative space of my own,” Ramona explains.

Home Finch provides a huge array of cushions to suit almost anyone’s taste. The business has always stemmed from the love Ramona has for home decor, and has a range that suits almost anyone’s taste.

The store has always been an eclectic mix of decorator pieces and handmade jewellry. Clothing has been a more recent addition.

“I try to source handmade goods where I can and support local artisans,” Ramona said.

“I am passionate about colour, fun and unique pieces and I love the creative space that the shop offers, as I must say, I am addicted to moving and changing the look of the store constantly.

“Home Finch is now a fulltime job for me as well as looking after my family of five.”

Ramona’s family has been very supportive of the growing business, although she admits it has been a juggling act at times!

Ramona Munns - Home Finch

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