Restrictions ease on hospital visits

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Hospitals across the Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) which includes Harden Murrumburrah, are easing visiting restrictions.

As of last Monday, the 22nd of June, mothers are able to be supported by up to two people with no limit on time. Children are also able to be supported by up to two people, either their parents or carers, with no limit on time.

Families of end of life patients can now make arrangements with the local hospital manager or nurse in charge for extended family visits.

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased across the state, MLHD is reviewing visitation with a plan to gradually reintroduce visitor access to hospitals. “This will be a staged process,” explained MLHD Clinical Operations Director Cherie Puckett.

“We understand it has been a very difficult time with limited visitation to a loved one who is in hospital and so we will gradually lift some of the restrictions to enable people to visit. We will begin by enabling more visitors to maternity department, with other departments to follow at a later date.”

Ms Puckett said the restrictions would only be lifted while there were few COVID-19 cases in the region. An outbreak may signal the reintroduction of the restrictions. “Patient safety is always our main consideration,” said Ms Puckett. “These sorts of decision are always made with the patient in mind. Patient safety is always our priority, but we also need to balance this with their need to be with loved ones.”

Ms Puckett asks visitors and the community to be mindful when visiting any hospital setting. “We ask people to avoid visiting loved ones if they are feeling unwell, or have cold or flu like symptoms.”

Temperature checks and screening of all visitors to hospitals will continue, as will appropriate hand hygiene measures.

KP Carmody

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