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The Young Hospital Auxiliary has been selected as a donation partner in the Return and Earn recycling program. Between the 24th of February and the 24th of April, people returning recyclable bottles and cans to machines in Young can elect to donate their earnings to the Young Hospital Auxiliary.

President Janice Ward is thrilled the Auxiliary have been included as a donation partner with Return and Earn. “I’m just a bit reticent to ask Young to donate again, considering how generous the community has been to fire, flood and drought victims and koalas. When the application was sent in everything was much brighter, but you don’t have to make a big donation. Every bottle or can returned will help us reach our target.”

“Through returning your bottles and cans to either Woolworth’s or IGA’s Return and Earn machines at Young and selecting Young Hospital Auxiliary as the charity you wish to donate to, people round Young can contribute to a much-needed bed for the Young Hospital Radiology Department costing $4,565.47. You never know who in your family may benefit from this. It is also an opportunity to contribute for people who have not been able to buy our raffle tickets or attend our fundraising events. Anyone can help, the more the better – children, organised groups and events, businesses, people who go for walks and pick up bottles and cans etc.” Eligible drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres can earn a 10 cent refund at Return and Earn machines. Containers can be made of glass, plastic, aluminium or steel and need to be empty with the barcode attached.

There are no fees associated with the Return and Earn machines, 100% of the refunds from bottles and cans donated by the community will go to the nominated charity.

“It seems pretty ideal to me. It’s no trouble to bring this part of your recycling down, pop it in and when finished press the donate button and select Young Hospital Auxiliary! As well, it helps with recycling and cleaning up the environment,” said President Ward.

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