RFS Honours Long Service

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Another two 40-year fire veterans servicing the Boorowa area, Stephen (Steve) Jarvis and Mark Corcoran were awarded with their 40-year medals.

Steve has served the Boorowa North Brigade as brigade secretary/treasurer, senior deputy captain, deputy captain and fire permit officer. Steve recalls his first fire, a minor one set by a beekeeper on David Marshes’ land when he was just 16 years old. He was part of the crews that were able to put out the northern flank of the Galong/Bobara fire in the 1990s on a fallow paddock.

A fervent supporter of the efficient and secure usage of private fire apparatus, Steve takes great pride in the fact that his farm is home to local brigade members who operate safe and efficient private fire tankers.

Steve recalls with humour some friendly competition between the neighbourhood private tankers and he’ll never forget the V-8 powered 1955 Grubers Bedford tanker. Although unsure of the engine’s size when fully loaded, Steve said it could easily reach 120 km/h and easily pass all utes on the way to a fire.

Throughout the 2012 fire season, Steve was highly involved in the Geegullalong Road and watershed fires. He spent numerous days assisting in his own truck and financed trucks tracking active fire flanks and doing mopping-up. Steve’s personal appliance was also crucial in the 2023 Geegullalong Road Fire.

Throughout his membership, Steve has participated in practically every fire in the Boorowa region. He is a devoted team member who consistently provides prompt assistance with any local fires.

Mark served with the Boorowa North and Hughstonia brigades and has been active in all of the major fires in the Boorowa area. Always a prompt responder, in both funded and private tankers, Mark has worked long hours pursuing the edge of active fires as well as tidying up after them.

He remembers how his entire farm burned down in the Binalong fire of 1990, unable to attend the fire himself after suffering burns to his arms in a fire the previous day. Mark also remembers getting burns on the back of an old forestry truck when flames entered the cabin through a crack between the tray and the headboard.

Mark and Rob Hurley currently share co-ownership of an Isuzu tanker that is constantly ready to respond to nearby fires. For their service with the NSW RFS, Steve and Mark deserve the gratitude of the Boorowa community.

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