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Roads to Recovery for Hilltops Regional Council

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Roads to Recovery for Hilltops Regional Council
Roads to Recovery for Hilltops Regional Council

Hilltops Regional Council will share in a 25 per cent Budget boost thanks to Riverina Nationals’ MP and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

“Safer roads save lives,” Mr McCormack said. “That’s why I have secured a 25 per cent Budget boost in federal funding to local councils through the Roads to Recovery program to make our local roads safer.”

The 25 per cent boost will see Hilltops Regional Council receive an additional $1,770,968.

“Whether it’s roundabouts, turning lanes or traffic lights, this is real money in the Budget to fix local roads, which local councils spend on local priorities. And it’s the benefit which country communities such as ours deserve from good economic management and a surplus Budget.”

The Nationals in Government are also putting a record $2.2 billion on the table to improve road safety and help people get home sooner and safer, especially in the regions. “I have put an additional $1 billion on the table for safer freight roads through the Roads of Strategic Importance initiative, which will also help our region get more product to port and plate safely and more efficiently,” Mr McCormack said.

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