Sam Stolhand - Bush Beautique

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Sam Stolhand

Sam has been at 77 Main Street for over a decade and has been in fashion since 1991, when she first started her Diploma of Arts in Fashion Design.

“I always knew I wanted a career in fashion and design,” said Sam. “I needed to create a product that enabled me to live and sell in rural Australia.”

She sells her clothes at her shopfront in Young as well as online on her website. Sam also started her own Facebook group called “Buy Australian made from the Bush.”

Her emphasis is on sourcing the majority of her fabrics from Australia and having them printed in Australia. Sam also has entered multiple fashion competitions over the years where she has created couture gowns and race wear. She has won various awards including the Australian Wool Fashion Supreme Award, three separate years.

Technology has opened the doors to possibilities that have never been possible before in regards to designing and printing their own fabrics, as well as being able to access their customer base directly through Facebook and Instagram. Sam’s family is quite involved in the business. She is a Mum to a 17 year old son who has just started his own business with his girlfriend where they create face masks and other items out of her leftover materials to promote zero waste.

Her partner is also a huge help to her business where he brings many of her ideas to light through his expertise in technology.

Sam Stolhand - Bush Beautique

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