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Written by: Glenice Buck

autumn in the garden

The cold snap has finally hit us here in the Hilltops region, it now feels like Autumn has arrived however with the extended warmer weather, we have had up until now along with the rainy days it has meant that the weed growth is still going strong.

With this amount of weed growth and the planting season also upon us, gardeners are struggling to find the time to do everything. Planting versus weeding is always a dilemma. I so enjoy planting out a new garden area, however if you do have weeds going to seed throughout some parts of the garden these really need to be dealt with first.

Weeding, like any task in life is best completed systematically. Choose one area to tackle at a time. I would normally suggest start weeding in the areas you see the most. It might be a section of the garden you look at from indoors or it could be an area you walk past regularly.

Work your weeding route out from starting at these key locations. Once the first section is weeded then mulch that area before you move to the next area. The mulch will help suppress any other weeds from growing and give you a longer grace period before you have to weed that area again.

Also at this time, don’t forget to plant your spring bulbs and start ordering your bare rooted trees and roses.

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