Soil Delivery For The Kindness Garden

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

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The Boorowa community has really gotten behind the St John’s Kindness Garden.

St John’s Kindness Garden extended its thanks to Darrell Armour for generously supplying the soil for the garden.

Thanks also went to the kind town residents who contributed to the bobcat and truck that were instrumental in transporting the soil to the garden.

This support is invaluable to the success of the community and demonstrates the beautiful and supportive community Boorowa continues to be.

The entire community appreciates everyone’s willingness to help.

The Kindness Garden will prioritise equal opportunities for men and women, so don’t hesitate to share your preferences for tasks.

Together, the community can make a meaningful difference in our upcoming projects.

If you’re unable to contribute time-wise, joining the Kindness Garden during sessions to say hello would be greatly appreciated.

There are constantly important tasks needing adult attention and any and all assistance is welcome.

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