Spotted Harrier Sited In Dananbilla Nature Reserve

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Frequent visitor to Boorowa, Canberra resident Kevin McCue sited a Spotted Harrier on a recent trip to the Dananbilla Nature Reserve.

Sparsely distributed across the country, the generally uncommon Spotted Harrier can be found near Boorowa.

In fact, frequent visitor to the area, Canberra resident Kevin McCue caught site of a Spotted harrier on the hunt and managed to photograph the magnificent sight.

“I was recently with a workparty planty trees in the Dananbilla Nature Reserve between Boorowa, Young and Cowra, scenic countryside,” Mr McCue said.

“We took time off to watch a Spotted Harrier searching for a feed by flying on a grid pattern low over a section of grassland.

“Wonderful to watch its antics, gliding and wheeling a metre above the tall grass.

“I managed to get a photograph of this rare, beautiful raptor. “No need to wonder how it got is name.”

The Spotted Harrier is a large, slim-bodied bird of prey with an owl-like chestnut coloured facial disc.

It is also known as the Allied or Jardine’s Harrier or the Spotted Swamp-hawk.

This bird of prey hunts by day, choosing quail, pipits, mice, rats, rabbits and lizards and often nests near ripening crops, ensuring food is plentiful.

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