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Written by: Glenice Buck


Today we have interviewed our regular garden columnist Glenice Buck from Glenice Buck Designs about what the advantages are for the home owner when they use a professional qualified horticulturist in their garden.

You have over twenty years experience in the horticulture and landscape industry. Why would you recommend to home owners that using professional and qualified garden management companies is a good idea?

I think the most important factor to consider when selecting a garden maintenance person is to ensure that the person is competent. Gardening is not rocket science, however it’s often mistaken for being an industry where any person can pick up a shovel and a pair of secateurs and call themselves a horticulturist.

I would suggest that the home owners ask any contractors they are considering to employ, what study they have completed in the horticulture industry and what experience they have. Often a qualified horticulturist will charge a higher hourly rate, however this is because they have the knowledge and qualifications to ensure that your garden is cared for on all levels.

They will have the correct tools to use for each garden task. They have extensive knowledge on what fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides will need to be used in the garden and they will use them correctly. They will know the difference between an annual weed, a perennial weed or a valued plant. They will select the correct plants for your location and know how and when to care for them. Garden care involves many different factors.

To successfully care for a garden, you need to understand plant physiology, botany, the local climate, plant biology, soil science and plant pests and diseases. It’s not just plants and dirt. Too often we have to tidy up after labourers who damaged a garden in different ways, such as pruning a plant at the wrong time, using the incorrect pruning implement to cut a plant or even planting a plant that is not suitable for the location.

It’s an uphill battle to explain to clients that despite them spending good money on their garden care, the garden will suffer in the long term and may not be able to be saved. This comes back to you pay for what you get. An experienced qualified horticulturist may cost a bit more but they will be able to manage and care for your garden so in the long term you will get the best out of your plants. In the long run it will save you money as your total garden will be in its best possible position and the plants will be thriving.

Why is hiring a professional garden management company beneficial for your clients?

In today’s world, everyone is very busy. There are never enough hours in the day, however everyone wants to have a neat and tidy garden. Many of our clients enjoy working in their gardens but find they just can’t get to everything in their spare time so we are able to come in and tackle the tasks they can’t complete.

These might be completed as seasonal visits or could be completed weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. The benefits are that our clients can enjoy the garden in their spare time rather than feeling like a slave to the garden. We have all the correct equipment to complete the garden tasks in the most efficient and cost effective ways. Our vehicle is set up so that all tools are carried to each site so we are prepared for anything. In our designated visits, we even find sometimes that our clients like to work in the garden with us whilst we are there. This is always a great experience as we can get a deeper understanding of the client and their views on their gardens.

Many home owners can have a strong bond with their garden after caring for their garden themselves for years. How does your garden management business work with your clients to build up trust?

Yes, we totally appreciate that our clients will have a connection to their gardens and a strong understanding of what each plant or section of their space requires. We will take the time to get to know the garden, communicate with the home owner face to face and in a written garden management plan that will explain all tasks. We communicate with the client before each visit what needs to be done and always keep the client updated as to what has been completed.

Often the client will have a list of things to tackle as well. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients so they know they can trust us with their gardens and know that we will get the best possible results for their gardens. Our motto is high quality and personal service to all clients.

If you need help in your garden, give Glenice Buck Designs a call to discuss.
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