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State’s Top Army Cadet

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Brigadier Mick Garraway presenting Jacob with the dux award.
IMAGE: Brigadier Mick Garraway presenting Jacob with the dux award.IMAGE: Brigadier Mick Garraway presenting Jacob with the dux award.

Not even studying HSC subjects yet, 16-year-old Young High student Jacob Maslin is already on a career trajectory.

The Australian Army Cadet Under Officer is now NSW’s highest skilled member, awarded dux of the Adventure Training Award. This is the most intense training a cadet can go through.

Over 100 cadets attended the five-day camp including field activities. These included navigation, immersion with the military, team skills and survival skills such as establishing shelters and deprivation.

In his fourth of five years with the area’s 200 ACU unit, Jacob organises training and activities for Grenfell, Young, Cowra and Boorowa Cadets as their company commander.

“I got into [Cadets] out of respect really, to see if I could help my community,” CUO Maslin said.

“I do find it a bit challenging at times...nonetheless I think it’s a great experience for growth and development.”

“The best part about Cadets for me is not my own development but having a look at people I’ve trained and I’ve helped to grow.”

Serving the community as an armed service member has always been Jacob’s ambition.

He’s currently applying to be a direct entry officer in the Australian Army.

“Ever since I was eight years old I’ve been set on a career in the Army. I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than that,” CUO Maslin said.

Jacob encourages young people to try Army Cadets, given the array of skills and training you come away with.

“You can help your community in lots of ways. I think helping your community through Cadets is quite a unique experience.”

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